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Bible School
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This New Life


Bible School


"Go ... stand in the Temple Courts,

and tell the people the whole Message

of this new life.” Acts 5:20

(20th Century New Testament)


“If I had only three remaining years of ministry,

I would spend two of them studying.”

Donald Grey Barnhouse


“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep

to gain what he cannot lose.”

Jim Elliot

Martyred in Ecuador


Dear Student:

    This New Life International Bible School has been commissioned to prepare laborers for the harvest by equipping and training men and women with the Word of Faith and the anointing to take the Gospel to the World. Men and women who are called and have a desire to be trained can come and receive a solid foundation in the Word of God and the move of the Holy Ghost.

    We are committed to preparing students to minister the Gospel through supernatural doors that God has opened at home and to the nations. Students receive hands on training in evangelism, missions, ministering to the sick and serving in the local church.

    If the call of God burns in your heart and you feel the call to be trained for end time harvest, then TNL is the place for you.

Pastors Gary & Laura Miller

Certificates of Graduation

Completion of two years of classes for a total of ten semesters, with requirements met, will qualify a student for graduation. A certificate of “Excellence” will be presented to each student upon graduation.


Teaching Who You Are & What You Have in Christ


bullet Armor Bearer
bulletArt of Prayer
bullet Authority of the Believer
bulletBlood Covenant
bullet Church Government
bulletEvangelism and World Harvest
bullet Excellence in Ministry
bulletFruit of the Spirit
bullet Gifts of the Spirit
bulletHow To Be Led By the Spirit
bulletHealing the Sick
bulletLove, the Way to Victory
bulletMethods of Ministry
bulletPaul’s System of Truth
bulletPioneers of Faith
bulletPraise and Worship
bulletPrinciples of Faith
bulletRevelations and End Time Events
bulletSubmission and Authority
bulletSpirit, Soul and Body
bulletSupernatural Relationships
bulletThe Minister's Marriage
bulletThe Name of Jesus
bulletWolves, Sheep & Goats
bulletWorld Missions
bulletWorking at the Altar

Students of Excellence:

    Jesus set forth the model for kingdom growth as “making disciples.” A disciple is a person or in this case a student that believes like Jesus, talks like Jesus and acts like Jesus.

Vision of TNL:

    The TNL vision is to help pastors, churches, and ministries to raise up leaders that will believe and do the works of Jesus. At TNL, our main goal is to equip, train, and to take the Word of Faith to the world. God is crossing all boundaries and breaking barriers in this hour to reach the harvest.


2001 - 2002 School Calendar

Classes begins September 10, 2001

You can register any time until the Date of Orientation, September 10, 2001. Registration fees must be paid when registering. Registration fees are non-refundable.

u September 10th—October 29th

bulletDivine Provision - 6:30pm
bulletHow To Be Led By The Spirit - 7:30pm

u November 5th—December 10th

bulletRedemption - 6:30pm
bulletSpirit, Soul and Body - 7:30pm

u January 14th - February 18th

bulletBasics of Faith - 6:30pm
bulletArmor Bearer II - 7:30pm

u February 25th - April 8th

bulletVision - 6:30pm
bulletSubmission and Authority - 7:30pm

u April 15th - May 13st

bulletWolves, Sheep and Goats - 6:30pm
bulletMethods of Ministry - 7:30pm


Class Location:

Classes are currently being held at:

Grace Family Church

3586 Lone Oak Road

(Located in Lone Oak Plaza)

Paducah, Kentucky

Class Information:

    This New Life International Bible School is a part-time Bible School with a full-time commitment to carry out the Great Commission.

TNL Bible School Expenses:

Single Student

bulletRegistration fee $25.00 per year
bulletSemester Tuition $35.00 per semester
bulletBook Fee Cost of book per class

Family (3 or more immediate members)

bulletRegistration fee $25.00 per year/student
bulletSemester Tuition $45.00 per semester
bulletBook Fee Cost of book per class

Senior Citizen (Ages 62 +)

bulletRegistration fee $25.00 per year
bulletSemester Tuition $20.00 per semester
bulletBook Fee Cost of book per class


Registration fees are due at the time of registration and cover one school year.

Tuition and Book fees are due at the beginning of each new semester.

Child Care:

No child care is provided by TNL. Nor is anyone encouraged to bring small children to classes.

“I now remind you to stir up that inner fire which God gave you…”

2 Timothy 1:6 (J.B. Phillips)


To Contact us:

Phone: (270) 534-1137



Times and Location:

Classes are held on Monday Nights

6:30pm and 7:30pm






Don't forget to sign our guestbook before you leave.